As Hubby See's It


 "I never said it was easy"

That's what Sassy tells me when I get frustrated.

This is her world not mine. I do physical labor for my job. 

I've watched for years and figured it's about time I listen.

So this is the way I see it.




Well I am not as savvy as Sassy, so this is how I see it. Making money online is kind of like finding the perfect job, its harder than it seems. Unless your at the right spot at the right time its an ongoing effort. Sassy makes money online in various ways and does very well for what she likes to do. It may seem small time for "BIG LEAGUERS" but hey everyone starts somewhere. As I watch Sassy do her thing, I've learned to try new things when they seem right, and skip them if there is doubt about it. Just like "offline" ventures if it seems to good to be true then it probably is, or as I would put it if your gut says no then don't do it. As far as what Sassy does it's pretty simple, (common sense goes a long way). First of all don't spend money unless you are ready to lose it. Think of it like playing the lottery or the stock market, once you lose it chances are it's gone forever. Next lesson Talk, talk, talk use your social networks to find new opportunities, they are out there. A little known way to do this is through "Traffic Exchanges". Unless you have been trying to make money online for a while you probably don't know what that is. Traffic Exchanges (TE's) are a great way to get just about anything you want out to a mass of dedicated people. Most TE's have a dedicated audience. Most TE's also have chat's running  while sites are being advertised. An excellent way to connect with people through out the world. Sassy uses this to her advantage, as she has now begun to "brand" herself. Talk to enough people and they will start to listen. Not all TE's are created the same. Quite frankly I've learned that some are not as effective as others. When deciding on a TE look to see membership (how many have joined) a low number may mean the site is new or on it's way out. If the site has a chat, check the activity If no one has used it in a while then you may want to reconsider being there. Most Te's are free to join, as with anything sign up for free then decide if you want pay for the added benefits.TE's only work for you if your site is being seen. In order to do this you first have to have a site. If you belong to a site then you need a "splash page". This is what is seen when surfing on TE's. Sometimes the site you belong to have pre-made splash pages but all to often they are used by everyone else that belong to that site. There are sites that you can use to build your own splash pages. Don't get me wrong, pre-made splash pages can be good. As a matter of fact until you learn how to build them your self they are great. The thing about splash pages is that you have to be creative, think outside the box. If you do the same thing everyone else is doing its easy to get lost in the fray. If your page is drastically different than the first ten and last ten for the same site, people tend to pay more attention. 


I may be a little too late for this part, but for of those you interested in it, here's a little back story for you. Sassy started out like so many others. Out of work, or it was the slow season. For a lot of us that seems to last longer and longer (COME ON LOTTERY). O.K. Now that that's out of the way. My work had slowed down, I was back in the cooking business and Sassy wasn't working much either. At this point we're BROKE had dial-up and desperate. Sassy decided to see if she could supplement our income a little by doing surveys online, when the net crashed I was the first to hear it. She slowly moved to "PTR's" (email stuff). Then came "Paid to click" (PTC), slowly but surely one turned to many. Though largely regarded as scams there are more successful PTC's than most people would lead you to believe. You do have to be careful about which ones you join. Remember join free then upgrade if you think its going to be worth it. There are many different PTC sites out there some for many years others are new. The thing about these are that you don't really want to invest out of pocket. In other words don't put more money into them than what you make, (unless you can afford it). If you belong to a good PTC site it does pay to upgrade and buy/rent referrals. Go with your gut and word of mouth on this as you can lose your a$$ on that. That is risk vs. reward though. Like Sassy said " I never said it was easy" 


         Moral Of The Story    


    1 -  Go With Your Gut 

    2 -  Don't Spend More Than You Make Online                               (Unless You Can Afford It) 

    3 -  Socialize, Get Your Message Out And Listen To Others

    4 -  Have Fun With It 











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