Sassys Pay Day


Hi my name is Marie, mostly known as Sassy in the online marketing world.

I love using Traffic Exchanges! I am now a very proud owner of Veteran Surf along with my husband Justin aka (JP) and Greg who is a VERY PROUD VETERAN Veteran Surf is something we can really get behind as another avenue to help support Veterans in their online endeavors. You DO NOT need to be a Veteran to join Veteran Surf. By joining Veteran Surf you will be supporting Veterans in a number of ways. If you are a Veteran, when you join be sure to send us a note about your service and THANK YOU FOR SERVING! We want to support Veterans from all over the world & remember Veteran Surf is open to EVERYONE!

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


Linkgrand has paid me $36

                  Upgrades start at $2 


Hits4pay has paid me $51

   No Upgrading


MatrixMails - Get paid 


Matrixmails has paid me $2

                   Upgrades start at $5 


      That is $961 total payouts from PTC sites

Again this will not happen over night, and does not include earnings I have used for advertising and upgrades. If you click these everyday or nearly everyday you will see you cash grow. After a few months you will begin to be able to use these earnings to start upgrading in other sites. 



Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange 


Easyhits4u has paid $45

               Upgrade is $7.95 a month




Traffic-Splash has paid me $11

        Upgrades start  at $4.97 a month 


Now it is time to venture out into Traffic Exchanges and get seen by even more people.

The idea of a Traffic Exchange is I view your site or splash page, and you view mine. If we find the page or site interesting we join each others sites. Traffic Exchanges are a great way to build your personal branding. Put your picture and name on the pages you are promoting. Tell people a little about yourself on the sites that have profile pages.

Chat in the exchanges that have chats. (DO NOT SPAM THE CHATS) This a great way to get to know people on a personal level. I have spent over 3 years in Traffic Exchanges and have built many friendships by chatting. A few of these people I have got to meet offline. That is always a lot of fun. I recommend everyone take the time to meet in person when or if you can. Justin and I met Tony T this last June that was AWESOME!! These friendships can lead to people following you into other programs you are promoting.  People tend to follow people they know like and trust!

There are 1000's of Traffic exchanges on the net I belong to 100's of them. The more eyes seeing you pages the better. I recommend Staring out with a few till you get use to them, than join more as your ready. You can join almost all Traffic Exchanges for free. Just like Paid To Clicks I recommend you upgrade when you can afford to. Most give you a monthly allotment of credits if you are upgraded, which means you can use your time focusing on other sites instead of surfing for those credits. You also earn commissions when your referrals upgrade or make other purchases.  

 Here are Traffic Exchanges that have paid Justin and I so far. While your surfing check out other Traffic Exchanges that might interest you. Like I have said before it takes time to earn.  




Advertisingknowhow has paid $43

           Upgrades start at $5 a month 




Hotflashhits has paid $228

              Upgrades are $9.95 a month 


Thetrafficdance has paid $44

              Upgrades are $9.97 a month 




 Surftoearn has paid me $10

         Upgrades start at $12 for 3 months 


Total payout from just these 34 traffic exchanges $1059

Yep you really can make money in Traffic Exchanges, just takes some time. But mostly its about getting eyes on your pages. The more eyes the more sign ups you have the potential to get.


Paid To Read Emails

These have been around for years. When I started out online I stumbled on these. You can us them to earn cash, but they take a very long time to earn from. I use them to advertise on because lots of people who come online stumble upon these first before they try other things. I found my way to them the first day I came online!




CashFold PTR 


            Cash4emails has paid me $14


Cashfold has paid me $3


Optin Buzz 


Optinbuzz has paid me $3


  Victorianemails has paid me $4 


Demonads has paid me $1


Total payout from these 5 PTR'S is $25

Like I said not high earners at all. You can just sign up as an advertiser they are great places to get new eyes on your sites. There are 1000's of these sites on the net too. These are just the ones that have paid me.



So you are thinking you still want something tangible to promote

Well nearly everyone knows a person who smokes. Become a free affiliate of Greensmoke. I'm sure you have seen lots of ads for E-cigarettes. It will cost you nothing but time to promote.  




Greensmoke has paid me $208

Oh by the way they sponsor race cars during the NASCAR season. The only sport I watch.Why wouldn't you want to promote something that gets T.V exposure.


Surveys are another great way to get a little cash

Surveys are the way I started earning online income. Takes quite a bit to qualify to take one sometimes but they can pay good once you do. Here are a few i still use when I have a few minutes.

ISC  (US only)                $25

Surveysavvy                  $23

Consumerlink                 $100

Epollsurvey                     $20

Opinionplace                   $12


Survey Total                  $180


Now get paid to bring offline and online stores shoppers

Linkshare is almost like clickbank only these are stores that want you to bring them shoppers. Pick the stores and site you like and promote them. Get the commissions from the sales.  


LinkShare Money Mania - Do Not Delete- 


Linkshare has paid Justin $25


Total active payouts I have been Paid $3756

Remember none of this happens over night, or even within a few months. It takes about 5 years to profit from your offline business. You should expect the same online. Time is money so spend money where you can so you can spend time where you can't


 Sites that I am no longer active in or are closed

Below you will find sites I no longer use.Yep it happens sites close disappear or go dormant it happens. Site owners become distant, abusive or forget it's the members who are the one's who help make their sites grow. Word of mouth is everything in online marketing. Its perfectly O.K. to walk away from a site that doesn't treat you respectfully. You would do this in the REAL WORLD. Do the same online That is why you should never spend more money than you can afford to lose. I am a stickler for only using money I have earned online to pay for my online ventures!! 


Schnaapklicks    $20

Klickbuck    $10

J2BAM    $19

Onbux    $2

Vcbux    $2

Vmails    $15

Mypowermall    $492

Cashsurf    $265

Zprosurf    $13

13dailypro    $26

Swifthits    $22

2dollarsurf    $9

Trickledowncash    $55

Bigdaddysurf   $14

surf180    $36

Surf2sawa    $9

Sidetick    $25

Yuwie    $41

Commercialearn    $8

Racingemails     $5

BuxMatrix  $151

Mylot    $22

InfinityBux  $4

GetBuxToday  $45

ImperialGetBux  $6


 Prosperityhits4U $95

RainingTraffic  $13 

Pirate-Hits  $7

NeoBux $50

Adkreator     $95

Trafficwave   $143

 Inactive Total    $1722


Total earned from active and inactive sites $5,478

These earnings are from a few years of trying to earn online. With some real life interruptions. So even if you just do this part time you can still make decent pocket change 

Sitexplosion has paid $29

 Upgrades start at $4.97 a month

Surfskeleton has paid $48

Upgrades start at $4.97 a month

Join IT NOW!

IT has paid $56

Upgrades start at $9.97 a month

Alohatrafficdiscovery has paid $24

Upgrades start at $2

Tezaktrafficpower has paid $26

Upgrades start at $7.77 a month

The Paid To Click Sites Below Have Been Around For Years

They are solid sites for earning and advertising. I highly recommend upgrading as you can afford it. Most of them have low yearly upgrades that you will easily make back every year. As with nearly any site you will earn more from your referrals if you are upgraded.

Many of the sites below have more ways to make money besides just clicking ads, so be sure to investigate the sites to see if they have other ways to earn that you will enjoy. 

Many long time internet marketers use Paid To Clicks to cast a wider marketing net and get daily sign ups to their websites. Anyone heard of Tony T? He advertises in Paid To Clicks daily to bring new members into his Traffic Exchange!!

DO NOT join Paid To Clicks that offer more than a few cents per click!! They will NEVER pay you!! I also avoid any sites hosted by Bux Host. Most have to many hoops to jump through to get paid, like having to post a screen shot of you payouts. Screen shots are easily altered so they hold no value to me. I do test new Paid To Clicks but I do not post them till I get paid. If for some reason I decide to stop using them, they are moved to the bottom of this page.

Once you have joined one, two, or all the Paid To Clicks below scroll down farther I will show you where to get some traffic to these sites and possible sign ups while your building your earnings. 



Clixsense has paid me $439

Upgrades are $17 a year or $30 for 2 years

A Traffic Exchange and a Paid To Click Combined ??

Yes, and I am noticing more and more sites that have both. In my opinion any site you can use to get more eyes on your pages is a good thing. Getting paid by the site is a bonus. 

Advertise4profits has paid me $164

Upgrades are $10 a year

The downline builder below is unique and brought to you by James Dias. It offers surfers stickers to collect while surfing on Traffic Exchanges that have purchased them. You can earn tangible products when you surf the sites that have stickers.  Its free to join and is a lot of fun.

Get Stuck On Stickers!

Adone-Ten has Paid me $82

Legacyhits Has Paid $43

Upgrades start at $4.97 a month

Hit2Hit Has Paid $7

Upgrades start at $5.95 a month

ShowBizHits Has Paid $27

Upgrades start at $4.97 a month


Get more advertising power here at I Need My Traffic

 I Need My Traffic Has Paid $34

 Upgrades start at $3.97 a month - Score More Traffic and Breakaway From The Competition!

Traffic Puck Has Paid $23

Upgrades Start at $9.99 a month

Top Hits4 U Has Paid $49

Upgrades Start at $6.47 a Month

Hit Link Has Paid $10

Upgrade is $6.99 a month

free manual traffic exchange

Thumbvu Has Paid $22

Upgrade is $9 a Month

Startxchange Has Paid $41

Upgrades Start at $6 a Month

Ilovehits Has Paid $22

Upgrade is $9 a Month 

Sweeva Has Paid $11

Upgrades Start at $17.97

Livetrafficnetwork Has Paid $13

Upgrades start at $6.97 a month

Bedrocksurf Has Paid $5

Upgrades Start at $3.97 a Month

Traffic Hot Sot has paid $2

Upgrades Start at $3.97 a month

I also love Paid To Clicks. I was dubbed "The First Lady of PTC'S" about 2 years ago by my dear friend Sam. The reason for this is I use them to earn cash for growing my online business. They are good for start up cash. I fully understand most people looking to make money online do not have the money on hand to spend in online ventures. The totals you will see are total cashouts, they DO NOT include earnings I have used for advertising or upgrades. PTC'S also known as "paid to clicks" are a great way to build up some money to get you rolling. Pretty easy money for watching 3 second to 60 second ads.   

These take time to earn from but after a couple months you will start seeing enough cash coming in to start investing in yourself, which is an absolute must when trying to earn online. If you do not invest in yourself or understand earning online takes time you will give up. There is no overnight instant riches online. You can not pay $5 for something and see your paypal or  payza accounts filling up with cash tomorrow. You will need both of these payment processors, sign up they are free. You have to be willing to spend time and money to make a real income online. If you would like you can skype me at mfpsassy . So let's get started. 

Jillsclickcorner has paid me $168

Upgrades Start at $9.99 a year up to $79.99

Inboxdollars has paid me $130

No paying for upgrade automatic for getting your first payout

Wordlinx has paid me $135

Upgrades Start at $10 a year or $69 for a lifetime

 Downline Builders are your Best Friend

They can bring you a steady number of people joining sites under you. Look for them when you join a site not all have one but many do. 

Fill in your user I.D's for the sites you belong to. You do not have to join every site in a downline builder, but if on catches your eye click the link and join it.

You can find your I.D. to any site you belong to by going to the promote or affiliate toolbox in the site you belong to. The number or your user name at the end of your referral link is your I.D

CTP Has Pad Me $1052

Upgrade Starts at $9 a Month

Surfbass Has Paid $1

Upgrade Start at $6.97 a Month

Fastcashandtraffic Has Paid $38

Upgrade REQUIRED $3.95 a Month 

Bigbeachhits Has Paid $6

Upgrade starts at $4.45 a Month

The following dowline builder will help you because it specializes in ad tracking, advertising delivery, and training Click Track Profit is brought to you by Tim Tech and is great for people just starting out online or seasoned marketers. I personally recommend taking your favorite site you want to promote and promote it side by side with promoting your CTP page. This will take you a little longer to complete the steps, but you will see both programs grow and want to get to the next step. Tim Tech realizes all this promoting can grow tedious so they have added some games and badges while your surfing 

Warning games while surfing and promoting can be highly addictive LOLOL That is a good thing, it helps to keep you promoting 

Join for free see what it can do for you

ChampagneTraffic Has Paid $16

SurfSmash Has Paid $3

Upgrades Start at $4.50 a Month

TrafficSwirl Has Paid $21

Upgrade Is $9.95 a Month

 SurfSumo Has Paid $60

Upgrade Is $9 a Month


HotWebsiteTraffic Has Paid $11

Upgrade Is $8.99 a month


WebsiteTrafficHog Has Paid $14

Upgrades Start At $5.77 a Month